Friday, May 9, 2014

A Job!

Of all the things to happen in the last few months, the most surprising one was that I found a job.  I found a job that my son can come to with me.  I'm self employed.  And when it comes down to the final numbers I'm only making about $170 a month. 

So why am I so happy?  Because that is allowing me to fix up the van.  And get new seeds.  And feel useful again.

I actually have more money to spend because a giant chunk of the expenses is mileage.  And right now the "extra" from mileage is going to do things on the van so that it can 1) survive the job and 2) live even longer than we originally thought.  In addition, those repairs and extras will help us in every day life.

A little bit more of the money is going to pay the bills so that they are at least a month in advance.  Right now two bills are that way.  By the end of the month at least one more, maybe two more bills will be that way.  And by the end of June all of the bills except rent should be at least one month out in advance, at the highest rate I get charged in the year.  Then I'll work on rent.  And then I'll go back through the rest and work them out to two months.

There is so much more going on as well.  I am going to make an effort to get on here regularly and get the blog caught up.

The garden is going in.  The weird conflict of winter and spring really delayed my plantings.  And I lost a few of the fruit shrubs, strawberries and the fig.

All in all, life is looking up.  And I'm so glad of it.

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