Sunday, December 1, 2013


I used the first batch of the pie crust to make a sweet potato sonker.  It wasn't bad but it wasn't great either.  It was good enough that I was willing to eat a piece.  Well, half pieces once I realized just how much was in a piece.  But Munchkin didn't like the texture or flavor combination for some reason.  So I divvied up the last of it between a friend's family and my parents.  They all tried it and it again rated an "okay".  They would eat it if it was offered but weren't interested in making it.  Oh well.

So I'm going to try another recipe today.  And this one will actually be simpler for me to prepare.  Months ago I altered an apple mincemeat recipe so that it used pears.  Apples are a food allergy in this house.  The only thing I didn't add to the recipe was the nuts.  Then I canned it.

So this evening the crust will get used again to see what Munchkin thinks of the pear mincemeat.

I don't know that I will succeed in finding a pie dessert that Munchkin will eat but I'll try a few more recipes this year.

At Thanksgiving I brought some of his pumpkin doughnuts for his dessert.  We were all greatly amused when the first thing he did was take a bite out of each doughnut.  It's his way of ensuring that no one will take one, yet none of us have ever taken his food.  He was just being completely silly which was confirmed by the big grin that he gave us.

Munchkin was perfectly thrilled to get extra pumpkin doughnuts and cheerfully sat with the rest of us through dessert.  Maybe I'll just have to stick with cake like dessert for him.

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